About Us

ForestChain is proud of its outstanding team, a merge of entrepreneurs, experts in emerging technologies such as drones, robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and experts in the wood industry.



The goal of ForestChain is the digital transformation of the wood industry. Our platform is the first of several disruptive solutions that we are developing.

R&D roadmap includes projects for the robotization of the manufacturing plant and the use of drones for forest management, inspections and audits.


Ana Pérez

Ana Pérez

CEO & CTO of Forestchain

Serial entrepreneur, ForestChain is her third startup. Expert in disruptive business models and technologies such as drones, robotics,  blockchain, artificial intelligence, data science, digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Ana combines technical and management experience in Corporates (Airbus, Aerospace industry) and large experience in the startup ecosystem.

Aerospace Engineer and Executive MBA at IE Business School.

Ana is daughter, niece, and cousin of entrepreneurs in the wood industry.

Nicholas Weber

Nicholas Weber

COO of Forestchain

Owner of Tonewoods S.L., established in 2014 with headquarters in Valencia (Spain). It operates worldwide with some of the largest certified forest managers of the world and the main musical instruments manufacturers in North America, Asia and Europe.

With more than 20 years experience in the timber industry, Nicholas has a vast experience in management, operations, marketing, information technology, certification and logistics.

Degree in Economics, specialized in foreign trade and international relations. Executive MBA.