We operate worldwide and have adapted the platform so that it can be used by any stakeholder. Easy to download on any device and thanks to the webapp, it is ready to use within minutes.

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Forest Managers

The first participant in the supply chain is the forest manager. They are obliged to comply with local regulations, make risk assessments, prepare the management plan, pay fees and taxes, pass annual audits if they are certified, all involving stacks of paperwork.

They are then requested to forward most of this documentation on to their customers to meet international timber regulations like the US Lacey Act and EUTR.

ForestChain enables them to have all the information in one place, safely stored on the cloud and always accessible to their customers. Our platform also allows forest managers to tag every log with a QR code and attach any type of information like geopositioned photos, way bills or cutting instructions for example.


Chain of Custody holders

Any company that buys, transforms, sells, or resells acting like an agent is considered to be a chain of custody holder.

They are obliged to carry out a due diligence procedure before purchasing from a forest manager or if they are the first importer, request CITES permits if applicable, pass audits and register inputs, outputs and yields if they are certified, and continue forwarding information on to the next step.

ForestChain has been designed by a certified Chain of Custody holder so it meets all these needs. It also has a costing module that allows companies without an ERP system to easily control the profit of every batch of wood. It is accompanied by a work order and stock management module.


End Product Makers & Retailers

One of the challenges for an end product maker or a retailer is to communicate the positive stories about the wood sources they use. They might be certified but the buyer doesn’t recognize or knows little about what’s behind the seal. With our Digital Passport, by scanning a QR code on the product, they have a place to connect it with the forest and explain how they contribute to a better future.

Whether with photos of the origin of the wood or by explaining what certification means, this is a space that can be used to communicate the efforts the company is making towards a sustainable future.

If the product contains a species listed on CITES it can also be used to carry the permit in a digital format.



Most of the time companies dealing with wood comply with the law, but for enforcement agents it isn’t easy to navigate through the huge amount of paperwork they are presented with when they make an inspection. Inspections also make people nervous and when they can’t find a document the company can come to stand still.

ForestChain offers the possibility to provide a user name and password to that these inspections can be made remotely without altering the day to day business and focus only on the cases where they find wrong doing.



An important part of the time of audits is dedicated to check paper work. Procedures, training sessions, control systems, inputs, outputs, conversion factors, etc. With all this information in one place in digital format, ForestChain could make audits simpler.

Most of the work could be done remotely and auditors would only need to focus on the on site visit to check how things are done on the production plant.


Public Administrations

Public administrations need to implement the legislation surrounding wood products, there are local and international regulations, phytosanitary requirements, CITES permits, all are time consuming and involve a large amount of paper and administrative work.

ForestChain can simplify these procedures because all the information needed in stored in one place and because it is registered on blockchain the authenticity of the data is known.


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