Forest Chain - Madera Sostenible

Joining COPADE


We are proud to communicate our recent incorporation to COPADE, the renowned NGO, founded in Madrid, whose objective is to promote and develop fair trade, responsible consumption and the preservation of the environment.

It was founded in 1998 by a group of friends linked to the association of former students of the Claret School in Madrid.

All COPADE’s relations are managed through alliances where all parties play an important role in cooperation for the development of the most vulnerable groups.

We consider it an ideal place to belong to due to our awareness of the environment, specifically of sustainable and responsible wood cutting, together with its relevant certification and traceability.

COPADE works primarily in public-private alliances with companies, NGOs and other institutions.

They act in the promotion of commercial relations based on Fair Trade relations and wood products under sustainable forest management criteria through the Madera Justa seal and the FSC seal.

They have increased awareness of Fair Trade and responsible consumption at a European level. They disseminate the authenticity of the organisation and the principles of fair trade to the countries in which they do business and the Spanish producer organisations they work with. They also promote responsible consumption through different actions. They manage direct imports from Latin American Fair Trade Cooperatives. At COPADE they think and act on a global scale.

We are enthusiastic about the fact that product quality and environmental and social sustainability always prevail, since nowadays every effort made to help the environment counts, and at Forest Chain we fight every day to strengthen global environmental responsibility.



Regulation compliance

Regulation compliance

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How to increase productivity in the timber industry

How to increase productivity in the timber industry

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