The Forestchain solution

A platform that makes traceability easy using blockchain to assure immutability of the information provided. Complying with timber regulation and certification made effortless.
our solution


The Forestchain platform

Obtaining and maintaining certification has never been so easy. Everything you need for your annual audits in one place. Special attention is dedicated to supplier validation for due diligence purposes to comply with different timber regulations around the world.

Web application and MobileApp designed by and for companies with a chain of custody, which has just the functionality that is needed.

“It is amazing to find a simple solution to such a complex problem”

Supported by QR codes throughout the whole transformation process together with a scanning and labeling system.

Geolocation and map visualization, whatever information is provided at any stage is easily conveyed to the next step.

Forest Chain also offers a solution to achieve the digital transformation of a company in a simple way, which allows to digitize and control the operational process map in real time, enables a control panel for automatic decision-making, remote management of the production plant , stock, quality and cost control and ultimately a data processing system to offer business intelligence.

Thanks to the complete virtualization of events associated with its logistics operations and data processing, from origin (suppliers, issuance of purchase order) to the launch of invoices, passing through all intermediate processes, the way of managing the company, through the platform, with an optimization that translates into an increase in productivity and above all avoiding errors.


Digital passport using QR Codes

Most companies nowadays have social responsibility policies that are applied in their day to day decisions. They might obtain different types of certification, report and offset their carbon emissions and contribute to social justice. However, it is not easy to present these achievements to the end buyer of their products. Our digital passport solves this problem.

  • Connect your product to the forest where it comes from
  • Convey positive impact stories to your customers
  • Communicate the benefits of certification

“By simply scanning the QR code on the label on my guitar I discovered a whole new company”

This is what you achieve using ForestChain



  • Conveny origin information and documentation from forest to finished product.
  • Trace wood while being processed.
  • Bill of material (BoM).
  • Labelling system printing and scanning QR Codes.
  • Digital passport: Origin information, social impact and carbon footprint by scanning QR code on finished product.

Business optimization

  • Operations and management of work orders, lots and resources.
  • Dashboard with business intelligence.
  • Control of costs, yields and profit
  • Management of purchase orders and suppliers.
  • Management of customers and customer orders.

Regulation / Due Diligence

  • Register of mandatory documentation.
  • Import/export control (EUTR and Lacey act compliance).
  • Supplier validation.
  • CITES.


  • Preparation of audits.
  • Product groups.
  • Input and Output identification.
  • Material handling and identification.
  • CoC control system.
  • Subcontracting.
  • Certificate checks and validation.