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Welcome to Forestchain

Where Technological Innovation Meets Environmental Sustainability. We are pioneers in the integration of blockchain technology to revolutionize traceability in the forestry industry.

Our mission is to connect companies, authorities and auditors in a transparent and trustworthy ecosystem, promoting sustainable and responsible practices. Through our platform and digital tools, we transform how forest products are managed, tracked and verified, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Forest Chain Benefits

Blockchain-based traceability for the entire chain of custody.


Forest Chain implements a blockchain-based platform to ensure trust between parties involved in the forest chain.


Our tool facilitates the connection between companies, authorities and audit bodies, promoting a social network in the sector.


Forest Chain’s digital passport promotes sustainability, connecting people to the origin and management of forest products.

Blockchain Innovation

We explore the value of blockchain technology in the logging industry, highlighting how it improves transparency, security and efficiency, and facilitates audits and inspections.

Innovative solutions

SaaS + online platform

A comprehensive cloud-based solution for forestry supply chain management and tracking, offering an easy-to-use interface and real-time data.

QR-based digital passport

A unique system that provides a detailed and verifiable history of each forest product, from its origin to the consumer, ensuring authenticity and transparency.

Our team

We are the pioneers between trees and technology, the agents of change in the forestry industry.

Ana Pérez
Nicholas Weber

Our team

We are the pioneers between trees and technology, the agents of change in the forestry industry.

Ana Pérez
Nicholas Weber

Innovative projects: Real and sustainable impact

At Forest Chain, our projects are the heart of our innovation and commitment to sustainability. Each project represents a significant advance in forestry traceability, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SaaS solutions and digital passport. From global collaborations to local initiatives. We work to guarantee responsible and transparent forest management. Discover how our projects are making a tangible difference in the world of environmental sustainability.

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